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About Us


 Canadian Indigenous Immigration International, is an international immigration and recruitment company specializing in identifying and evaluating qualified workers around the world and matching them with Canadian companies.


Our goal is to recruit competent and loyal employees to join your team. If you are looking for talent, our employees are always ready to assist you. With its 15 years of experience in Canadian immigration consultation, CAI-International has supported hundreds of families in their immigration process to Canada. We will be there to help you at each stage of the immigration process and we will guide you during the integration phase into Canadian society.


Canada offers a host of programs for immigration. In order to determine your possibilities of obtaining a permanent residence visa and to identify the immigration category that best suits you, we invite you to complete our assessment test.


This questionnaire will allow us to better understand your profile so that we can direct you towards immigration options offering you the best chances of acceptance. We operate across Canada, and we are certified by the Canadian Immigration Consultants Regulatory Council (CRCIC) and Quebec Immigration (MIDI).


“What our customers say…”
“It’s like coming home. The Welcome Center went beyond learning English; I learned Canadian values there, such as open-mindedness and respect for people. »

What CAI offers you


Canadian Aboriginal Immigration International recruits qualified foreign workers and is involved in all stages of the hiring process.


In response to the shortage of specialized labor that affects several sectors of activity, we evaluate labor needs in close collaboration with the client. This step allows us to identify the best recruitment pools based on each specialized profession.


Canadian Indigenous Immigration International has a network of trusted partners that helps identify the best candidates in several countries around the world.
Canadian Indigenous Immigration International offers a tailor-made approach to meet the demand for labor specifically for each company.

Screening your candidates locally

The recruitment and selection of candidates is carried out by the CAI team in collaboration with experts in your field of activity.
When relevant, theoretical, practical and linguistic tests (French, English) are carried out in the country of origin to complete the evaluation of candidates.
The evaluation process takes into account not only the technical skills but also the intercultural skills of the candidates in order to ensure healthy integration of the worker within your work team.
We carry out psychometric tests and ensure that the candidate's profile meets the requirements of the company and the immigration authorities.

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In the event of a modification, you must notify us without delay to avoid a breakdown in communications. The same applies to your postal (address) and telephone contact details. Keep your file regularly updated and notify your lawyer of any changes. It is important !