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Our legal team is here to determine if you qualify for a Canada visa; we will provide you with a professional assessment that will give you a variety of visa options to choose from, as well as how to improve your chances of being eligible for one. other immigration programs.

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• Because immigration laws, regulations, procedures, instructions, guidelines and policies change regularly.

• Because you need to be well informed and up to date regarding the immigration process.

• Because professional advice can help you avoid unpleasant surprises, such as rejection and unnecessary expensive expenses, and reduce your costs from the start.

• Because professional advice allows you to make an informed decision regarding immigration, such as: making an official application for immigration to Quebec or English-speaking Canada (Federal Immigration Regulations), or applying for temporary immigration, etc.

My office will examine your immigration application in light of the immigration laws, regulations and procedures in force at the time of receipt of your application and will inform you of the legal and regulatory possibilities in force to succeed, where applicable, your immigration application.

Residency application permed



To make their request, each customer must send, by D.H.L. International, by priority letter or by registered letter or by e-mail to the address: contact@cai-canada.com as follows:

Their complete and detailed curriculum vitae: this must indicate the following information:

     • Date of birth, place of birth, exact and precise address, telephone number,

        fax number and email address.

     • Indicate the number of dependent children, their ages and their occupation.

     • Complete list of all diplomas obtained.

     • Your current employment and the exact description of your work.

     • Your knowledge of languages: French, English, other. Indicate the level: average, good or excellent.

     • Indicate whether you want to settle in French-speaking Quebec or in the rest of English-speaking Canada.

     • If you are married, you must also send the detailed and complete curriculum vitae of your

        spouse and you must provide the same information indicated above for your spouse.

        It is mandatory.

If you use email (e-mail), you must send this information directly in the body of the message. You should not attach any documents, as they will not be opened due to computer viruses (so no attachments, no attached CVs, no attached documents).

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