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We help people around the world realize the Canadian dream for themselves and their families by helping them immigrate to Canada

Qualified professionals and tradespeople: Canada is a young country that needs ambitious, hard-working people. Whether you are a computer programmer, electrician, financial analyst, machinist, etc. we can help you live legally in Canada permanently so that you and your family can enjoy the Canadian way of life and live in the #1 country in the world (according to us)!

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Culture and Sports Professionals: It's not all work and no play. We help artists and athletes immigrate to Canada.

Development of selection grids

Even though the immigration policy is favorable, Canada does not allow anyone interested to settle on its territory. Indeed, the number of requests far exceeds the possibilities of acceptance, since the country must be able to absorb and promote the integration of a good number of new inhabitants each year.

It is for this reason that selection grids have been developed. Thus, candidates are chosen based on a set of criteria, corresponding to the needs of the country. These selection grids, as we will see in detail later, have the particularity of being clear, objective and above all, of applying in the same way to all candidates, whatever their country of origin.

In fact, in its Immigration Act, Canada guarantees people seeking permanent admission to the country the objective processing of their application, in accordance with the provisions of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Information on immigration to Canada under the Skilled Worker category

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